Hello, I'm Kathi Kenner, a new author, and in an informal meet and greet, I have created a website to tell you a bit about my book and myself.

A captivating, romantic suspenseful page-turner, sizzling with excitement, and a bumpy roller-coaster ride of unexpected events, which gives this first book of the Trilogy...

In the coming months, you will want to stay in touch for posted information about the novel, publishing dates, contests, and listen to music chosen to accompany the book. It will put you in the mood to further indulge in the project's effectiveness. Music by Wes Montgomery; John Klemmer at: www.JohnKlemmer.com ...gives clues to emotional zeal, a better understanding of character's lives, loves, and losses as they redeem themselves. It is the kind of book that will make you want to take off your shoes, mess up your hair (as I have mine), throw on a big loose shirt, get comfy in a cozy place and read until your heart is content. It will engross and inspire the lives of readers through its storyline. You could laugh and sometimes cry. You can forward contest ideas and be put on the email list to purchase the forthcoming book and be notified of upcoming information at: Kathi@kathikenner.com or write to my P.O. Box below.

This is the only book of the trilogy that will take place in a Midwest setting and I incorporate as much about Midwest living as I can. The character's names are missing so that you can become the character for at least a moment.

Even if romantic suspense isn't your genre, you will want to read the upcoming trilogy...it will surprise.

In Book One, a provocative name, an intriguing read, you'll want to know why the main male character says to the main female character:

"I could hear the train thunder toward me with impeccable speed and the ground rumbled under my feet, making the adrenalin rush through my flesh, it took the reigns of all my senses." A gut-wrenching sigh releases. "The thumps, screeches and clacks of the wheels spun closer which made time even more crucial." He shakes a fist, bewilderment in his eyes. "As the continuous black blocks of steel freight drew close enough to be seen from a distance, the short random whistles became frequent long taunting, touting blows. For some reason the image of a bomb about to explode embedded itself in my mind. Act now or forever hold your painful silence and regret. And only you could take the blame for not heeding the call, I thought." (Chp. 26)

Stay in touch to learn why the main female character says:

...I bend my heart around the alluring rhythm of John Klemmer's, Touch, as I have before. "Da...dadada," I hum with a smile, as...gaze is as longing as mine, while he dangles a cube of cheese and I part my lips to catch it. And then sip more wine. Touch, the mesmerizing saxophone heralds a ritual, pulls me into deep river current grooves-of-dreams—my emotions in tow—nodding to the echoplex and percussions, promenading the bass that swooshes me deeper, until finally, the drums tap, frap, tap, awakening me to a reality, slow but sure. What about all the secrets? (Chp. 24)

Get ready to find out why the main female character says:

I Feel Like A Ball Of Dough. Being pummeled and pounced upon by hands that throw me all over a wooden board. With each sprinkle of flour uplifting my surface, more kneading is needed to blend it with the dough—me—as if I don't get the picture, already. I understand what...is doing to me. But, pretend, he does, to mold me into a uniform loaf of bread one day, and then, in a jinx, a soufflé the next. Adding more eggs to keep me resilient so that I won't become solid enough to hold my ground. Whisking my ingredients in a cold metal container and giving me just enough elasticity to bounce back, so he can pummel me again.... Sometimes I think that I should become... (Chp. 25)

It will pique your curiosity to know why the deranged villain says to the main male character, after a struggle with one of the main male character's wife's alter egos:

"This voice I heard wasn't the right one—couldn't figure out where it came from." ...snickers sarcastically. "But it wasn't.... So I tested her by blowing on her neck and slipping my hand up her... And when she didn't spring for a laugh, that's when I knew...I'd known. That it wasn't.... She hauled off and slapped me." He holds a sympathetic, nurturing hand over his groin. "And you won't believe where she kicked me, man." (Chp. 34)

Have you read a good book lately? Or, has one left you in a lurch, didn't please your reading appetite, the wrong ending flipped you out? Then try again and petition for the reading of an intriguing book. Sign up for my email list at: Kathi@kathikenner.com and then, you only need to wait, because there will be one on the way.

           I was born a sandy-brown redhead, (which I still get teased about), in Indianapolis, Indiana. I know the ins and outs of mortgage broker financing, a career for sixteen years as a Senior Loan Originator, until the recent Wall Street crash. And I often overlapped a former career, (working for a Chicago-based Insurance giant when I sold Life, Health and Annuity products); I was able to sell credit life...insurance on mortgage loans that I sold. Born an artist, preferring oil on canvas, I painted my renditions of Salvador Dali's, The Witch Tree, in high school advanced art, and Joseph R. Meeker's, Bayou Plaquemine, Louisiana, circa 1861, some years later, as well as my original creations. As a teen, I also excelled in team sports, Swimming and Track and Field.... I love to dance, listen to classical, jazz, rock...music, read, walk fourteen miles a week at near Olympic speed and interact with my writing group. In addition to getting the book ready, I am working on a screenplay with the same name as the book. Having lived in Texas for a short time but preferring the seasons, I migrated back to Indiana, living currently in Hamilton County, Indiana.

For updates about the book, contest suggestions and to be added to the email list, write to my P.O. Box below or email me at: Kathi@kathikenner.com

Kathi Kenner
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